Bricks and Mortar Solely Candles Shop

The shop for candles and gifts!

Here at Solely Candles Shop, we put our heart and soul into making highly scented products that actually work. We have created tin candles with incredible scent throw in an approximate 25 hr burn time sizes. All of these candles are hand poured, hand wicked, labelled and packaged by us in our small workshop. We have loads of fragrances to choose from, therefore we are sure you’ll find a favourite!

Our reed diffusers and refills leave your home scented with a smell that seems to go on forever. Besides that, these diffusers last approximately 6 to 8 months depending on where situated in your home.

Our room sprays can be used in a number of ways, from silk or wooden flowers, potpourri, curtains, cushions and pillows. Used to freshen your house and most importantly, they do not stain your furnishings.

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