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Well what a morning yesterday.. Thought I was going to run out of wax for a while but we got there in the end. Even got the organiser to join in.
Had a group of young people from Dadlg Durham in with me at Vane Tempest Hall creating a there own Santa candle from a pre-made cone candle (thanks Ste for your help) and some moulding wax, which was a bit hard at the start but got a bit to sticky near the end.
So we started with there faces which was fun for most and went onto the hat and hair… The rest of the body was just covered in red wax.
Then the fiddly bits for the eyes, beard and mouth. Put on the hands (in black gloves) and the buttons and finished off with fur around the hat then what ever they wanted to do with left over wax….
In all I think everyone enjoyed it. I know I did!
Thanks to everyone who came and take care. Hope to see you all at another craft day 

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